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We’re aiming to get your tours, retreats, camps, elopement and adventure experiences where the queer community sees it and can easily book it.

Wander Queer connects you with LGBTQ+ travelers, couples, and families around the globe through targeted Social Media Marketing campaign, LGBTQ+ ADS Audience Network, Newsletter, Workshop, Roadshow & Sponsorship of main LGBTQ+ events, and more.

On our global booking platform, we want to empower you to promote welcoming and inclusive spaces in the travel industry and get more bookings effortlessly.

Wander Queer

About us

We’re committed to providing a platform for LGBTQ+ people that is truly inclusive and welcoming. We believe that everyone should be able to travel freely, no matter who you’re, who you love, or where you go. Discover welcoming experiences, plan queer-friendly activities, and get inspired by customised adventures designed by inclusive organizers of all LGBTQ, BIPOC, shapes and sizes.

We want to diversify the outdoors industry and we offer a wide variety of adventure experiences including group trips, overnight adventures, retreats for solo travelers or small groups of friends, elopement and romantic experiences for the wildly adventurous queer couples in love, and more.

Our journey has just begun. We’re constantly looking for partners who share our values and will work with us to create a world where all individuals can wander freely, safely and confidently.

Wander Queer

Why choose us?

Natural and Cultural Preservation

We are committed to conservation and sustainable travel that supports the protection of nature, wildlife and local communities.

Community-Based Experiences

We celebrate local cultures and we want to improve the livelihoods of host communities. We build the capacity of local communities to develop and market their own adventure experiences that showcase their cultural and natural heritage.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Our partners are handpicked not only for their skills and experience: we also evaluate their commitment to advance equity, diversity and inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious efforts that benefit people as a whole.